Our Cheese Dairy

         The Yannakis’ cheese factory is located in the South-east side of Cephalonia, it is 40km far from Argostoli, the capital of the island, and just 5km far from the port of Poros. It is the oldest on the island, founded in 1928 by John Yannakis and first started exporting feta cheese to Canada in the 1960s.The Main products were feta cheese, Kefalotiri, prentza, Mizithra and Stoumpa (Giza).
         In the 1970s the youngest son, Dionisis, undertook the directorship of the cheese factory and he showed the same zeal and passion to make pure and tasty cheeses, that whoever tastes them definitely will rank them among the top.
        Now the third generation, with Yannis and Nikos, has undertaken the directorship. Nick has graduated from the Dairy School of Ioannina in 2002 and has lent the work apart from the experience and expertise, upgrading not only our products but also the kinds of cheeses that we produce. In 2003 two more kinds were added, Gruyere and Kefalograviera (piquant gruyere).
       Also we keep the same traditional way of producing of cheese and at the same time we have modernize our facilities and our equipment, creating a modern traditional cheese factory with privately-owned refrigerator chambers in order to preserve our products as well as refrigerator trucks in order to transport our products to our customers.