Traditional Cephalonian cheese ripened in a barrel. Commonly, FETA CHEESE. We call it, however, like that because Cephalonia Island has been excluded from the P.D.O. areas, although our island has irrefutable evidence that the feta cheese has been produced in Cephalonia from ancient times and that it is the mother of feta cheese, the place that this cheese was born. Unfortunately, however, although the major efforts have given the Cephalonian cheese makers, they only received false promises from all Greek government agencies for a name that our cheese not only deserves to have it, but belongs to it.


Wooden and plastic barrels, plastic bowls of 4Kgr - 2Kgr - 1Kgr - 400gr and pieces packed in vacuum in variable weights.


The history of feta cheese

The history of feta cheese is really old. The historical origins of feta cheese reach far into time.This cheese was first mentioned in homers odyssey... where the procedure of making it is also described.
Another important fact proving that the naming feta belongs to Cephalonia is its name which has got Italian roots and means piece. As known, when Thrace, Macedonia, Epirus, Thessaly, Central Greece and Lesvos were under the Turkish yoke , Cephalonia was under the Venetian possession . As a result cephalonian people added many Italian words to their vocabulary when Greeks from the areas mentioned above added Turkish words.So, it is easy to understand that this is the biggest proof that the history of feta begins in Cephalonia.